Filtering and Softening Your Well Water

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Water pulled out of the ground can be some of the freshest water around. Unfortunately, it could also be contaminated for a number of reasons. Heavy metals or organic compounds can give your well water a funny taste, slight odor or even contain a few microbes you really shouldn’t drink!

The answer to bringing your well water up to a drinkable standard is simple: filtration and softening. Through the installation of a filter system and a water conditioner in Ocala, FL, you can target everything that doesn’t belong in your water and make sure it never reaches your taps. This ensures your potable water is pure and that you’re not left dealing with some of the headaches that impure water can bring with it.

To determine what you should be filtering out of your water or to what level it needs to be conditioned, it’s best to have your well water tested. This can be done by a pump service professional and costs next to nothing to have done. The information you’ll gain will be invaluable! Plus, it’ll help a well service professional help you pinpoint the right products for your specific water supply.

For more information about a filter system or water conditioner in Ocala, FL, contact Dale Nix Pump Service, LLC today!

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